A brief look at the history of the dramatic representation

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A brief look at the history of the dramatic representation

Critical reception[ edit ] Brief Encounter was acclaimed upon its release, [8] although there were doubts that it would be "generally popular".

Today, the film is widely praised for its black-and-white photography and the mood created by the steam-age railway setting, both of which were particular to the original David Lean version. Inthe magazine Total Film named it the 44th greatest British film of all time.

Derek Malcolm included the film in his column The Century of Films. The British historian Thomas Dixon notes that Brief Encounter "has become a classic example of a very modern and very British phenomenon - weeping over the Stiff upper lipcrying at people not crying.

The audiences for these wartime weepies could, through their own tears, provide something that was lacking in their own lives as well as those of the on-screen stoics they admired.

The scene portrayed, with Posner playing Celia Johnson and Scripps as Cyril Raymond, is in the closing minutes of the film where Laura begins, "I really meant to do it.

Not a Hollywood movie: He said the main character was not glamorous, not a babe. And at first he wondered why he was even watching it. But twenty minutes later he was in tears, and had fallen in love with her. And it made him feel that it wasn't just a movie.

Similarities include the main character, Frank Gallagher getting grit in his eye from a bus, being caught by a friend of his wife, and the tearful departure.

Frank's wife, Monica even thanks Frank for coming back.

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There is a similar final scene in a railway station. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. March Learn how and when to remove this template message Frances Gray acknowledges a common criticism of the play: Gray argues that their problem is class consciousness: However, Laura in her narration stresses that what holds her back is her horror at the thought of betraying her husband and her settled moral values, tempted though she is by the force of a love affair.

Indeed, it is this very tension which has made the film such an enduring favourite. The values which Laura precariously, but ultimately successfully, clings to were widely shared and respected if not always observed at the time of the film's original setting the status of a divorced woman, for example, remained sufficiently scandalous in the UK to cause Edward VIII to abdicate in Updating the story may have left those values behind and with them vanished the credibility of the plot, which may be why the remake could not compete.

A brief look at the history of the dramatic representation

In British National CinemaSarah Street argues that "Brief Encounter thus articulated a range of feelings about infidelity which invited easy identification, whether it involved one's husband, lover, children or country" p.

In this context, feminist critics read the film as an attempt at stabilising relationships to return to the status quo.

The script used was a adaptation for radio by Maurice Horspool, which had been in the BBC's ownership and had never been used or performed since then. Theatre[ edit ] The first adaptation of Brief Encounter which sourced both the screenplay and Coward's original stage material was adapted by Andrew Taylor and starred Hayley Mills in the lead role.

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