Application of impact of jet on vane

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Application of impact of jet on vane

Torpedoes[ edit ] Most successful early forms of self-propelled torpedoes used high pressure compressed airalthough this was superseded by internal or external combustion engines, steam engines, or electric motors.

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Railways[ edit ] Compressed air engines were used in trams and shunters, and eventually found a successful niche in mining locomotives, although in the end they were replaced by electric trains, underground.

Mekarski compressed air tram, Pneumatic Locomotive with attached pressure container used during the construction of the Gotthard Rail Tunnel The air is supplied by the load compressor of the aircraft's auxiliary power unitor by ground equipment.

Water rockets use compressed air to power their water jet and generate thrust, they are used as toys. Air Hogsa toy brand, also uses compressed air to power piston engines in toy airplanes and some other toy vehicles.

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Compressed-air vehicle There is currently some interest in developing air cars. Several engines have been proposed for these, although none have demonstrated the performance and long life needed for personal transport.

Energine[ edit ] The Energine Corporation was a South Korean company that claimed to deliver fully assembled cars running on a hybrid compressed air and electric engine. The compressed-air engine is used to activate an alternatorwhich extends the autonomous operating capacity of the car.

The CEO was arrested for fraudulently promoting air motors with false claims.

Application of impact of jet on vane

The Di Pietro motor concept is based on a rotary piston. Different from existing rotary engines, the Di Pietro motor uses a simple cylindrical rotary piston shaft driver which rolls, with little friction, inside the cylindrical stator.

However, the project has not been able to gather the necessary funds. People should note that, meantime, the team has recognized the physical impossibility to use on-board stored compressed air due to its poor energy capacity and the thermal losses resulting from the expansion of the gas.

These days, using the patent pending 'K'Air Generator', converted to work as a compressed-gas motor, the project should be launched inthanks to a North American group of investors, but for the purpose of developing first a green energy power system.

This mixture drives the second piston, providing the actual engine power. MDI's engine works with constant torque, and the only way to change the torque to the wheels is to use a pulley transmission of constant variation, losing some efficiency.

When vehicle is stopped, MDI's engine had to be on and working, losing energy. In MDI switched to a design similar to that described in Regusci's patents see belowwhich date back to It has been reported in that Indian car manufacturer Tata was looking at an MDI compressed air engine as an option on its low priced Nano automobiles.


Quasiturbine The Pneumatic Quasiturbine engine is a compressed air pistonless rotary engine using a rhomboidal-shaped rotor whose sides are hinged at the vertices. The Quasiturbine has demonstrated as a pneumatic engine using stored compressed air [21] It can also take advantage of the energy amplification possible from using available external heat, such as solar energy.

Since the Quasiturbine is a pure expansion engine, while the Wankel and most other rotary engines are not, it is well-suited as a compressed fluid engine, air engine or air motor.

Application of impact of jet on vane

Regusci's patents date from The Impact of a Jet apparatus shows students the force produced by a jet of water as it strikes a flat plate or hemispherical cup. They can then compare this to the momentum flow rate in the jet. To extend the range of investigations, the Degree Conical Plate and Degree Angled Plate (H8a) are available separately.

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The Set-up consists of two sided clear fabr1catt0n. Water is fed through a nozzle and discharged vertically to strike a target carried on a stem, which extends through the cover. A weight carrier is mounted on the upper end of the stem.

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