Benefits of forest resources essay

A tree is often the symbol used to represent the environmental movement. Why is the forest such an important element for the environment? There are many reasons why we benefit from forests and there are obviously many consequences that stem from the loss of 13 million hectares of forest every year. Forests stabilize the climate in general.

Benefits of forest resources essay

Short essay on the Importance of Forests K. Forests are precious national resource whim not only play significant role in national condor but help in pollution control and maintaining logical balance.

Benefits of forest resources essay

These offer a number of direct indirect advantages which have been realised sin time immemorial. Forests provide valuable timber for dome tic and commercial use. Industries like paper, matt making, plywood, sports goods, lakh and furniture at directly based on raw materials derived from forest 2.

These include lakh, gum and resins, tannin material, medicines, herbs, honey, spices, etc. Auction of forests for commercial use fetches annual income to state exchequer. Export of forest products earns valuable foreign exchange to the country.

Forest Resources in India: Use, Over Exploitation, Causes and Effects

Grazing of cattle in the forests helps in dairy farming and cattle rising. Forests are the natural habitat for wild life and birds which attract tourists, holiday makers and hunters.

These may be developed as very good picnic or tourist centers in the form of wild life sanctuaries and national parks which have good employment and income generating potential.

Forests are the moderators of climate. Forests play dominant role in carbon cycle. These absorb atmospheric carbon-di-oxide and help in maintaining the purity of air and controlling atmospheric pollution. Forests help in controlling soil erosion, soil degradation and floods. That is why these are very helpful in land reclamation and flood control.

What are the advantages of Forest Conservation?

Forests help in water percolation and thereby maintain underground water table. Decay of plant leaves provides humus to the soils and increases their fertility.

Indian forests are rich in wild life housing about species of animals. Forests help in maintaining natural scenic beauty which every year attract a number of tourists and nature lovers.

Forests provide natural habitat to a number of primitive tribes which are part of our rich cultural heritage. Forests provide recluse to rashes, saints and hermits who have enriched our religious and cultural thoughts. Mere a visit of such quiet serene environment relieves physical and mental strains and refurbishes new vitality and vigor.Benefits from Forest Resources.

25 BENEFITS Tennessee Forest Resources Assessment and Strategy The southeast United States produces more wood products than any other country outside the United States.

Tennessee is an important com-ponent of this ‘wood basket’ and consistently ranks. Trees clean the air. Trees absorb odors and pollutant gases (nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and ozone) and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark.

The various uses of Forest resources are discussed below: 1. Resin obtained from Chir Pine in western Himalayas is sent to factories in the plains to produce turpentine oil, which is used in paints and polishes.

Once a forest is not there to absorb the water from the rain, this creates floods and provokes soil erosion.

1 What is the total value of harvested wood?

Most of the nutrients and the elements needed to maintain life are then washed away. In the tropics, deforestation can lead to desertification, where the area becomes a desert and loses most of its life. Forest Resources in India: Use, Over Exploitation, Causes and Effects!

In India, forests form 23 percent of the total land area. The word ‘forest’ is derived from the Latin word ‘foris’ means ‘outside’ (may be the reference was to a village boundary or fence separating the village and the forest land).

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The Importance of Forests in India.

Benefits of forest resources essay

India’s forests cover about 23% of total geographical area of the country. Forests play a vital role in the economy of the country.

India’s forest wealth has been.

Short essay on the Importance of Forests