Filling station business plan in nigeria newspapers

This could be the question on your mind right now! Aside from being an oil-producing country, Nigeria is likewise one of the greatest consumers of oil-based commodities in Africa with around 40 million liters estimated day by day utilization of products.

Filling station business plan in nigeria newspapers

Everything about oil is money; from exploration to exportation and marketing crude or refined product etc. Nigeria is also one of the biggest consumer oil products in Africa with about 40million liters said to be consumed everyday.

Convict fined N5m for N2bn scam

Almost every home in Nigeria have generators that work almost all days to serve as alternative power supply; most of these million of generators used in Nigeria run on petrol and diesel. The factories, business centers, schools, hospital, infact everything in Nigeria depends on power generated privately from petroleum product.

Therefore, if you can lay your hands on petrol filling station of your own, you are in for money. The demands for oil related products are very high, and supplies seem to just can be enough, because the population of Nigerians increases by 2.

Then it was known as compagnie francaise des petroliers which later became Total Oil Products Limited. But at present Total Nig. There are two types of marketers, Dependent marketer and Independent marketer.

Each of them have both advantages and disadvantages, you would need to understand the two before choosing which to go for. You can be one at a time except you have enough investment capital to build more than one petrol station. But with your own facility fully branded by them.

You will need to be clear on what advantages are as that will help you to make proper decision. And the subsidy things too. A petrol filling station owner who run his business under his own name, buy products directly from NNPC and has a representative and assistant representative at the petroleum product marketing company PPMC depot by NNPC.

Therefore, you must find a way to afford it. The current commodity prices for these petroleum refined products are high, and that guarantees more profits for marketers — As at now May, the prices of petroleum products are: When the product is completely sold which usually takes less than six days to sell depending on where your Petrol Filling Station is and the demand at that timethe cash returns expected from one tanker of each of the petrol product sells will be: Imagine how good this business is assuming you sell the three products off in a week i.

If there is any time you must invest in Petrol Marketing Business, it has to be now. It can be located in the rural area as these areas are always neglected by the major marketers who prefer the urban areas.

Having your Petrol Filling Station in the rural area is far less expensive to set up and to maintain and still guarantee sustainable profit. In conclusion, I understand that this business is very viable because we could see that it will take the investors just two 2 month at most to recoup its investment.

At this point; I wish u all the best.

filling station business plan in nigeria newspapers

Bello Kamoru After payment, please send the teller number and your e-mail address to A filling station attendant, Abdulmalik Semiu, has been arrested for allegedly defrauding his employer.

by News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)/Punch Newspaper Dec 18, The Department of Petroleum Resources said it has sealed 16 filling stations for selling petrol above N per litre pump price.

Business Start- Up Training Opportunity in Nigeria; Business Legislations and Resources in Nigeria; News and Press Release; Feasibility Study Of Establishing Fuel Filling Station In Nigeria.

Feasibility Study Of Establishing Fuel Filling Station In Nigeria. in Nigeria. A filling station that sells only electric energy is known as a Charging of the business. Service Station: Establishment that sells motor fuel and also provides Two (2) original copies of Approved building plan.

h. Two (2) photocopies of letter from Land & Survey. The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), said it licensed filling stations in the Federal Capital Territory in Petrol Filling Station Business Plan in Nigeria – Feasibility Study on Petrol Filling Station This sample petrol filling station business plan in Nigeria has been written to be used to access bank loans, grant applications, business proposals, competitions, etc.

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