Globalglaze business plan

By Robert Brands May 21, Every entrepreneur knows that productivity is one of the key ingredients for successful product development.

Globalglaze business plan

Rahul Kumar on 26 October Share on Facebook Dhokhebazzz Glaze company My cousin had join this company in june on cash payment. My cousin was not well qualified so he do what the company say. The company used to give the big dreams and goals to the these globalglaze business plan man and let them imagine about that they become rich and also they say that you will be paid per month that why many of the youngster used to prefer these company.

Please be carefully to your own relatives because your relatives will be first one to come with such proposal and let you to live the imaginative world and finally you will be in their rat trap. The company used to take the signature on declaration form of the children without let them read that form.

Today my cousin was ashamed of himself because he waste his precious 4 month in such fraud comapny and as well as Money.

I acknowledge that it is a direct selling company whose aim is to sell their product through direct marketing. I have seen and understood Business Presentation. I have not paid any money to any body to become distributor of company's product as company distributorship is FREE. I have clearly understood that I am not going to become Company's Employee in any way.

I am not going to get any fixed monthly salary or remuneration. I may earn income on the products sold by me in the form of commission according to the company's sales and marketing plan.

I have clearly understood that I will not get any commission from company until I wll not sell the product to consumer. I have to deposits a copy of Bill Issued by me to final consumer for sold product. I have clearly understood that If I unable to sale company's products and want to terminate my distributorship.

I can return my stock to company as per "Buy Back Policy" of company. Buy Back Policy is stated at company website www. I read understood the terms of the policy with the help of my sponsor. I have clearly understood that my success and failure in this business will entirely depend upon my personal skills and hard work and will be my responsibility.

I am completely satisfied with quality and price of products.

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If I pay money to any body else company will not be responsible for that. I have understood, I need to collect a Bill and Receipt when ever I buy a product s. I have understood that in case of non-availability of product.

I can book the product by placing a purchase order and getting a Receipt against paid money. The company decision will be final in this matter In case I apply for termination of my distributorship, company will buy back my all products in my stock which I had purchased in Last 90 days from the date of application of termination of distributorship.

I have understood that the commission I may earn on product sold by me and my sale team is described in Book "Your Global Business Plan" which is a part of DSK and also on company website www.

I have this information that whatever business I will do in any month Let January I will receive the commission on 10th 10th March day of next to next month through cheque or Bank Transfer. I know that, according to the instruction given by Indian govt.

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Glaze Trading India celebrates 13 Years of Glorious Achievements. On this day, 13 years ago, when two visionary young men Handa and barnweddingvt.comv Chhibber, laid the foundation of Glaze Trading India, a direct selling company, few had imagined that one day it would become the means of social and economic empowerment of millions.

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globalglaze business plan

The Corporate Frauds Watch estimated that Amway had siphoned out Rs 10, crore during the last 15 years of its existence in the country.

Now the cat is out of the bag and the Central Government should take initiative to curb the illegal business activities of the multilevel marketing company.

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