Intended major college essay

It is intended to help students and counselors work together to establish an appropriate path toward transferring from a public California community college to a public California university.

Intended major college essay

The file with all of your activities, awards, honors, community service hours, leadership positions, etc. Now is a good time to dig it out or put one together to compose your college resume.

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Your college admissions resume highlights your accomplishments during high school and can be a tremendous asset when you fill out applications, meet with an interviewer, ask for recommendations, or apply for scholarships. Learn how to build your College Admission Resume. Unlike a professional resume, where the reader is generally looking for skills, education and experience, colleges and the people who will write your recommendations, interview you and evaluate you for scholarships are more interested in your scholastic and other achievements, awards, activities, athletics, leadership, community service, special talents and how you spent your time during high school.

Since applying to college is competitive, a well-developed resume, that can be easily digested, can help put you in a favorable position. To get started, make a complete list of your extracurricular and academic life.

If you were born overseas and moved to the U. S when you were in sixth grade, write it down.

How to Pick a Field of Study

If you worked during the summer, make sure you have that too. Make sure you list all your extracurricular activities, jobs, honors and awards — important and unimportant. Ask your parents, siblings and guidance counselor for input, in case you missed something!

Make sure it resonates. While there is no standard format for resumes of this type, they are typically one or two pages long and generally include much of the following information: Identifying information such as: Objective or Overview optional: Can be used for a specific purpose such as consideration for a scholarship or intended major Key Stats: List activities and grade e.

Note leadership roles and special recognition.


List along with grade e. Debate Finalist — 9, 10 Community Activities: List activities, leadership roles and grades during which you participated.

intended major college essay

Include relevant programs, special projects, travel experiences, hobbies, musical accomplishments, Work Experience: Starting with the most recent, list each work experience paid, unpaid or your own business including job title; business name and location, dates of your employment.

Include anything else that would be impressive e.Centralia College in Centralia, Washington, 80 miles southwest of Seattle, offers 2-year degrees in 15 liberal arts and science programs, 1-year certificates in 9 technical areas, and easy transfer credit to 4-year colleges or universities.

External scholarships are offered by organizations and foundations outside DePaul.

Applying to Colleges

Some of the best resources for scholarships are organizations with which you or your family is associated (for example, parent's employer, ethnic heritage groups, Kiwanis club, nonprofit volunteer organizations, community organizations, high schools, etc.).

Questions about intended majors and outcomes can leave many students confused and a little mystified. intended major I am an artist; a strange blossom of creativity sticking out awkwardly from a long lineage of electrical and later electronic engineers, like a lonely flower on a big, rigid cactus plant.

Questions about intended majors and outcomes can leave many students confused and a little mystified.

intended major college essay

The general direction of the question is similar to the Statement of Purpose question asked on many master’s and Ph.D.

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