Marketing essay fedex corporation

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Marketing essay fedex corporation

List of References 1. Executive Summary The FedEx Corporation founded in in Memphis is a logistic company which provides transportation, e-commerce, and business services.

The company is globally presence in countries and has more thanemployees. In FedEx introduced the next-day delivery revolutionising the distribution industry. Since the foundation FedEx made large investments in research and development as well as in its logistic infrastructure.

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As of JanuaryFedEx created a worldwide network consisting of 34, drop-off locations, 10 million square feet of warehouse space, aircrafts, and 60, vehicles. In addition FedEx introduced several technological innovations which in turn has given the company an enormous competitive advantage.

Nevertheless the environment changes constantly due to the increasing number of competitors, financial crisis or globalisation. Due to this strategic management becomes more and more important for FedEx.

This report Marketing essay fedex corporation a critical analysis and evaluation of the strategic development of the FedEx Corporation.

This report is divided into three parts. Then the core competencies and capabilities of FedEx between and will be identified. At the end of the first part the main advantages and disadvantages of international trade to FedEx Corporation will be mentioned. The strength of each of the five competitive forces is a function of industry structure or the underlying economic and technical characteristics of an industry De wit, B.

Suppliers - Bargaining power of suppliers The suppliers can increase the prices for goods or services if there are no substitutes for the supplies they offer or if there are only a few suppliers.

The FedEx Company depends on several suppliers such as fuel suppliers, airports, shipping materials manufactures as well as vehicle and airplane manufactures. Fuel suppliers have strong bargaining power because there are only a few of them as well there is no adequate substitutes for fuel.

The fluctuating price of oil affects the profitability of fed ex. To decrease expenses for fuel and the bargaining power of fuel suppliers FedEx must renew the aircraft fleet and buy new more fuel-efficient aircrafts.

Furthermore shipping materials manufactures which supply packaging equipment such as boxes and plastics have not strong bargaining power because there are a lot of existing substitute products and these costs represent a relatively small proportion of FedEx total expenses.

Due to the high number of vehicle manufactures FedEx has a strong bargaining power towards their supplier because the company does not depend on one single manufacturer. However, it exist an oligopoly within the aircraft industry -Boeing and Airbusand the transportation vehicles such as trains have a limited capacity.

Therefore these suppliers do have a bargaining power. Buyers - Bargaining power of buyers Buyers have a great power if buyers are concentrated and there are few of them or if the product from the organisation is not clearly differentiated from the product from other suppliers Sunderland Contemporary Developments,p.

There are more than enough potential customers. Furthermore e- commerce has been rising constantly. Companies such as Dell must ensure that they can deliver their products to any part of the world. Due to this FedEx provides customer solutions to these companies.

Since prices of the competitors are similar to FedEx, FedEx created value-added services for customers in order to differentiate their service from their competitors.

Furthermore individual customers have the choice of several shipping or delivery providers.GLOBAL MARKETING ESSAY QUESTIONS Chapter 1 2. How can an SME compensate for its lack of resources and expertise in global marketing when trying to enter export markets? A well-documented characteristic of SMEs is the lack of financial resources due to a limited equity base.

FedEx swiftly responds to such reviews to enhance customer satisfaction and develop its operations. E-commerce offers great benefits to the corporation. The company’s online platform has managed to attract and contact many customers; currently more than 60% of clients buy online via FedEx Web Services (Iverson, ).

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Fedex Marketing Mix Essays and Research Papers Dell Marketing Mix Strategy Dell, Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL, HKEX: ), a multinational technology corporation, develops.

FedEx Corporation History FedEx Corporation was incorporated in early s and introduced express delivery to the world in , and remains the world’s largest express FedEx Ground & American shipping company headquartered in Pittsburgh. From the Paper: "One of the main players in cargo transportation is FedEx.

The modern air/ground express industry was invented with the founding of Federal Express in ; the corporation was created in as FDX Corporation and became FedEx Corporation in January Services Marketing Essay. Posted on August 17th, , by essay.

Marketing essay fedex corporation

Logistics plays an extremely important role in the contemporary world. The development of international cooperation stimulates the growing interaction between companies and citizens located in different parts of the world, while logistics within countries should be developed even.

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