Object analysis

The quality, state, or degree of being stable.

Object analysis

There are three main tools used in object-oriented analysis and design techniques 8: Class diagrams are used to model key abstractions in the problem domain and their relationships with each other.

Object diagrams are used to model the interactions between objects, whereas object state diagrams model the dynamic behavior within a single object. An object state diagram shows all the possible states of an object and the allowed transition between the states 8.

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Tools are only the means by which developers communicate requirements or the design of the system. Unlike the traditional waterfall approach, the overall approach to object-oriented analysis and design is highly integrative.

Object analysis

Object-oriented systems are designed to be changed. In object-oriented analysis, there are four key steps to be performed 6i: Identifying objects and classes. Identifying the object relationships. The first step involves identifying candidate objects and classes, which may be people, places, things, organizations, concepts, or events.

Object analysis

Next, Object relationships are documented on object diagrams. The attributes and services of each class are then identified and documented in class templates.

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Similarly, in object-oriented design, there are four key steps to be performed 6i: Defining object life cycles. The first step involves analyzing life cycle of each object and formalizing the life cycle in an object state diagram.

Next, class relationships are defined in a class diagram. Each service that is provided by a class is defined including any logic that is necessary.

Finally, the class and object diagrams are completed along with all class templates 8. Traditional Methods Before the introduction of Object Oriented Analysis and Design, most Information Systems professionals were taught that the classical waterfall development life cycle was the proper way to approach software engineering and that "top level decomposition of processes was a practical way of handling large software development projects" 8.

These traditional methods built the foundation of modern software practices, and yet this foundation is being shaken by object oriented analysis and design.

Structured systems development began in the s with the concept of systems development life cycle. In the s, process-oriented structured methodologies were developed to promote a more effective analysis and design technique 9i.

In the s, planning and modeling of data began to play a more important role in development, resulting in data-oriented methodologies such as information engineering. Organizations continue to use traditional methods of software development, but they are coming to realize that these methods have shortcomings that include the following:The use of modeling to define and analyze the requirements necessary for success of a barnweddingvt.com-oriented analysis is a process that groups items that interact with one another, typically by class, data or behavior, to create a model that accurately represents the intended purpose of the system as a whole.

Object-oriented analysis does not factor implementation limitations into the model. Object-oriented analysis strives to describe what the system should do in terms of key objects in the problem domain while object oriented design strives to describe how the system will work using these objects.

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